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Want to have a retirement of your dreams?  We are here to help you make your pension dreams come true.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Makabenefits?

Makabenefits is a company that helps people plan and save for retirement. We offer a variety of pension plans to fit your needs, whether you’re employed by a company or self-employed. We also offer a range of services to help you manage your pension plan, such as tracking your contributions and calculating your retirement income.

What are the different types of pension plans that Makabenefits offers?

We do not offer pension plans. However, we will guide you on the best pension plan from a wide variety of pension plans available in the market. They include:

  • Corporate pension plans: These plans are offered by employers to their employees.
  • Individual pension plans: These plans are purchased by individuals.
  • Micro pension plans: These plans are designed for people who have limited income.
  • Celebrity pensions: These plans are designed for celebrities and other high-income earners.
  • Sports pensions: These plans are designed for professional athletes.
  • Community pensions: These plans are designed to benefit the community as a whole.
How do I know which pension plan is right for me?

We can help you choose the right pension plan for your needs by considering your financial goals, your budget, and your lifestyle. We’ll also talk to you about your eligibility for different types of pension plans.

How do I open a pension plan with Makabenefits?

Makabenefits will advise and guide you on which pension plan best fits you and which pension provider offers such services for you to choose from. Start by contacting us and scheduling a free consultation call. We’ll then guide you to choose the right pension plan for you and open your account.

How do I contribute to my pension plan?

You can contribute to your pension plan by making regular payments into your account. You can also make lump-sum contributions if you have the money available.

How do I track my pension plan?

You can track your pension plan by logging into your account online or by calling us. We’ll provide you with information about your contributions, your balance, and your projected retirement income.